The shame

V 36, PM

I was walking and I caught up with this guy. He was young, my age maximum. He was handicapped, dragging his legs behind while he was using a ton of effort with a couple of crutches to move. He wasn’t a beggar, he was dressed OK and listening to something on his mp3 player. Close to him, I thought to myself: if I do this, will it remind it to him that he can’t walk right, that he can’t use his legs while others can? And I felt ashamed. ASHAMED. I don’t have fonts big enough to write as big as I felt ashamed.

I felt ashamed for me. I felt ashamed for him. I felt ashamed because I had a normal life and didn’t seem to be able to enjoy it anymore. I felt ashamed that he probably had a shitty handicapped pension which was about to get smaller because of the crisis, though it wasn’t his fault. I felt ashamed because I didn’t appreciate the fact that I could run arround and kick people in the head if I wanted to. I felt ashamed because I sometimes felt ashamed for being Romanian.

I felt ashamed for living in a so-called civilisation which chooses the oil in Arabia over the starving children in Africa. I felt ashamed because we spend more on weapons than on hospitals. I felt ashamed that we lose our sanity over shit instead of being able to enjoy what really matters – the beautiful things in our lives. I felt ashamed for having more than that man without doing anything to deserve it.

But I got ahead of him. I was in a hurry. I had to go to the bank and pay the monthly fee for my loan – you know, those things we get ourselves into only to complain about it later. It was a loan for my car. You know, that thing in which you move without using your legs. If I were to ask that man what would he pay so he could use his legs, I bet his answer would be ANYTHING. Or maybe EVERYTHING. If you ask me how much I pay so I don’t have to use my legs, my answer would be 74 Euros a month.


Porn scenarios

V 09, PM

Why the hell would anybody like action porn movies? I’m interested in learning new positions and some people are interested in plots??? I mean, is that sane? What on earth could you learn more from Little Red Riding Hood -the hard porn version? Dialogue? Different ending? “Yes, this one ends in the mouth!” Written by whom? Porn directors and screewrites? Come on, go to Shakespeare if you like dialogue, go to a Bruce Willis movie if you want to see people saving the world, let porn movies be about sex!

and about faith

V 40, PM

Can someone please explain to my why the Japanese aren’t like Somalia, although they don’t give a shit about the bible? Everyone keeps telling me that the bible is the word of god who teaches us this and that and that without it we would be like savages. Isn’t this stupid?

Who cares what Polanski wants?

V 26, PM

I am tired of listening to news about Polanski not wanting or not agreeing to be sent to the US and face trial. Come on, the man is a pedophile, who gives a fuck what he wants? I mean, I already know what he wants, he wants not to face the charges. Well, fuck that, let the justice decide, why should I care if he wants that or not, it’s up to the justice to say what he will do. He did what he wanted so many years, let now the inmates teach him how to do the helicopter. Fuck all media with their pointless news!

Full of shit

V 56, AM

“Who do you vote for?”, said to me another user answering to one of my comments on a site. Of course, it wasn’t a real question, it was an occasion for him to explain to me how sick and tired he was of these god damn candidates who are all nothing but assholes.
“If you know them ALL so deeply, be kind and tell me their names”, I answered. He didn’t. He couldn’t. I’ve had enough of this attitude, it’ completely irresponsible not to vote and not to bother trying to distinguish between them. It’s stupind. The end.


V 51, AM

An Englishman, an German and a Romanian were having a drink at a bar. At another table sat a man with a very familiar face.

-Who is he?

-I know, it’s Jesus Christ! Let’s buy him a drink.

They do so, Jesus drinks and before leaving, he comes around to shake their hands.

– Wow, sais the Englishman after shaking hands, I don’t feel that pain that remained since I broke my arm!

-Wow, goes the German, remember my back pain? After shaking hands with Jesus, it’s like I have a brand new back!

-Back off, mate, sais the Romanian, you’re not shaking hands with me, I don’t want to lose my handicapped pension!!!

China vs Google

V 10, PM

The Chinese accuse Google of “unfair censorship”. Well, isn’t that funny? Perhaps the Chinese weren’t satisfied with the way Google is censoring, so they call them to teach them a lesson. Like the masters of censorship they are.


V 56, PM

On my way to Arad, I had the occasion to watch the outskirts of Craiova. Oh my fucking god! And I was thinking Moldova is the poorest part of Romania. No. I was wrong. If you want to see what it’s like in Rio, go to Craiova and you’ll find favelas. Carboard and plastic bags for walls. I bet they have to rebuild after each storm, like those stupid rednecks on Tornado Alley.

25000 Euro strikes again

V 01, PM

In the campain for the parliamentary elections, Mircea Geoana was announcing a 25000 euro fee for the Romanian immigrants who chose to return to Romania if his PSD party won the elections. It didn’t happen, although his party made it to power through a coalition with PD-L. Now, in the wake of the presidential election, he lies again: he wants a 1 billion euro fund to guarantee and help those who won’t be able to pay their loans due to the economical crisis.

So OK, maybe he doesn’t lie. But what about us, the working, tax and loan paying people? It is with our money that he wants to support all that. Isn’t it cool? I mean, we’ve had to pay with taxpayers money many times before for heists like Bancorex and FNI. Now he wants to use or money to sponsor those who don’t pay their loans? But wait, I have a solution. Tomorrow I’ll go to the bank, take the biggest loan they can give me and then quit my job. And then I’ll vote for Geoana. And let you all pay all those debts any my unimployment pay.

A few thigs on immigration

V 57, PM

Browsing around forums, I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing how many westerners think people come to their country to live on welfare. Let me tell you one thing: people come to a new country either to steal or to work. Nobody goes someplace else just to be unemployed or to live on food stamps. Some of them don’t even have an idea what welfare is. And usually they wind up working for minimum wage, because, for some strange reason, people can’t make a distinction between being poor and being dumb or ill-prepared. Isn’t that really stupid?